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Specializing in Hopi Indian Jewelry, Hopi Jewelry, Hopi silver

Pendants Hopi Jewelry


This large magnificent double-sided pendant was created by silversmith, Eddison Wadsworth Soohafyah. He describes the designs: "Eagle Katsina - also very important to Hopis because we use every feather that is on the eagle. Men folks use them for Katsina dances and they also make prayer feathers with them in December.  The moon is our grandfather whom we pray to at night."  It is highly polished and measures 2 3/4 by 2 inches (without the swivel).  It is highly polished and etched on some of the surfaces to give the impression of texture.  Exquisite workmanship!
960-60148                                                $350.00


A nicely done pendant by Augustine Mowa, Jr. showing Bear with a heart line and a bolt of lightning overhead. It is highly polished, measures 3/4 by 1 inch and is suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.  Augustine's hallmark, the Sun, Moon and Star appears on the reverse.
960-00103                                                                              $65.00

A Mud Head katsina (Koyemsi) dances before a corn plant on this satin-finished pendant by Silversmith, Tim Mowa. It measures 1 1/8 inches in diameter and is suspended from a 17 inch sterling silver chain. Tim's hallmark, the Sun's Mouth appears on the reverse.
960-00047                                                                  $75.00


Silversmith Ramon Dalangyawma has created this striking Dragonfly pendant.  The highly polished piece measures 3 1/4 by 2 inches and is suspended from an 18 inch silver serpentine chain.  This is truly a stunning piece! (This pendant is featured in our ad in the Indian Market issue of the Santa Fean magazine)
960-60022                                                      $285.00


A simple satin-finished pendant by Chris Mansfield honoring the Long Hair Katsina. Notice how the stalk of corn is used to resemble the "long hair".  Other surrounding symbols are the moon and clouds. This piece measures 1 3/16 by 13/16 inches and is suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Chris' initials appear on the reverse side.
960-10188                                                            $53.00

Presented here is a pendant which was cast in a tufa stone.  For those unfamiliar with this process, tufa is a volcanic, porous and finely textured stone.  The artist carves the design into a stone mold and pours the molten silver into it. This Coyote pendant was crafted by self-taught, female, Hopi silversmith, Iva Casuse.   It measures 7/8 by 1 inch and is suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain.
960-40135                                                                              $75.00


This small Eagle pendant comes to us from Silversmith, Merle Namoki.  It measures 1 1/8 by 1/2 of an inch and is suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Merle's hallmark, the Sun's Forehead, appears on the reverse side.
960-60109                                                    $50.00


A large, satin finished pendant by Trinidad Lucas, with Corn as the central figure, surrounded by water waves, stars and rain. This piece measures 2 by 1 1/8 inches and is suspended from a 24 inch sterling silver chain. Trini's hallmark, her initials TLd, appears on the reverse side.
969-70014                                                                                                  $126.00


These two magnificent cast, overlay pendants were created by Hopi silversmith, Roy Talahaftewa.  His hallmark, the Water Bug appears on the reverse side of each piece. They are featured in the Southwest Traditions ad in the Autumn 2007 issue of American Indian Art Magazine.


Cloud and water designs and a lovely piece of Morenci turquoise, appear on this cast overlay piece measuring 2 1/8 by 1 1/8 inches. We will provide a length of black or brown cord so it may be worn "choker style". Striking!
960-60137                                      $560.00

A cast/overlay pendant with a katsina face, water designs and a piece of coral.  It measures 3 1/4 by 1 3/4 inches.  As with the piece above, we will provide cord so this may be worn "choker" style.
960-60136                                                  $600.00


A delicate pendant with Corn, Clouds and Lightning designs, appear on this piece by Ray Kyasyousie. It measures 1 1/8 by 3/8 inches and is suspended from an 18 inch sterling silver chain. Ray's initials RK appear on the reverse.
960-40150                                                                                                    $52.00

Hopi Hand Made Chains  Hopi jewelry

 We count ourselves as fortunate to be able to offer a variety of handmade Hopi chains.  These chains are not easily found and typically command high prices when they are available. The cost is reflective of their scarcity and the amount of work that goes into their making. Each link is formed and soldered by hand, a tedious process, but one which yields a distinctive and rich look not obtained in commercial chains.  These chains are a complement to any pendant, ones you already own and to the pieces shown above.  it should also be noted that due to the richness imparted by the hand crafted workmanship, they also look wonderful worn individually, just as chain.

Loren's Chains sm & med

Shown here are small and medium linked chains crafted by Loren Kootswatewa. Loren makes the high quality, well proportioned 24" long chains we have carried for years.  As stated above, his chains are a complement to any hand crafted pendant and provide a simple but rich sophistication when worn by themselves.  (We are temporarily out of medium linked chains).                                                    $60.00

We have recently been introduced to another female silversmith by our friend, Trinidad Lucas. Amelia Yowytewa makes sterling silver Hopi chains and just happens to be Trini's sister!  As an introduction to her work, Amelia has provided us with 24 inch chains of three different link sizes, small, medium and large as pictured above. (We are temporarily out of the medium linked chains).                                              $48.00 each    

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